Chilly Chorizo Breakfast Burrr–itos



2-3 eggs scrambled

8oz chorizo

1/8 red pepper diced

1/8 onion diced


mexican cheese blend

quality tortillas

hot sauce


tomatillo salsa

Prep Time: 5 min.

Cook Time: 20 min.

Experience Level: It's just a fancy taco.



I’d like to start this recipe by sharing something I believe to be true, something that dwells deep within my heart: the breakfast burrito, when assembled tenderly, is one of the most delightful creations that this thing we call life bestows. Whatever mood you may find yourself in, there’s always room for one of these. So, are you trying to withstand the lingering chill of winter that just won’t seem to go away? Maybe you’re looking to add a little spice to your love life this Valentine’s Day? Whatever your reason, these breakfast burritos will do just that… and more! 

Enough of that mushy gushy jargon, let’s get choppin’! First we’re going to dice the pepper & onion, hack up the cilantro, and organize each into neat little piles. Then in a bowl, whisk those eggs with whirling ferocity and a splash of milk. You can fork them if you want, but we’re aiming for pillowy fluff nuggets here. Post whisking, keep the whisk in the bowl. Round up a frying pan and set it over medium/high heat. 


Throw those peppers in the pan for a couple minutes until you get a nice sizzle going. Then add the onions, cooking for another minute or so. Take the chorizo and slice it in half. Squeeze out both sides of that delicious, greasy tube into the pan and crumble into bits with a spatula. Cook it down for about 5-10 minutes, stirring often until the grease vanishes.  While that concoction is cooking get another pan ready on a neighboring burner. Lightly coat one side of each tortilla with oil. My method for doing this involves a few drops of olive oil on one side of a tortilla and then rubbing it together with another. Kind of like on TV when doctors rub defibrillator pads together before yelling, CLEAR! 

Whisk those eggs one more time and spill into the chorizo mix. Now get that other pan up to high heat while you’re scrambling the eggs. Once those eggs are nice and fluffy, plop a tortilla on the heated pan oil side down and sprinkle cheese over the upward facing surface. Cover every last edge. After 30 seconds or so, set the tortilla on a plate and scoop a pile of chorizo’d eggs in the center. Don’t go too big here, you don’t want to overload the burrito’s capacity limits. Sprinkle cilantro and toss a glob of avocado in there, then bravely brandish with hot sauce*.

Following the diagram below, fold and wrap each burrito accordingly. It’s really not that hard and doesn’t matter what tortilla size you use. If you use street taco size, then you’re making the cute mini burritos. Typically around 8.5” to 10” diameter will work the best. Once you have them rolled up tightly, we’ll take this one step further; a place where only the serious burrito technicians dare go. Place the burritos back in a pan snuggled together and press them by setting a heavy pan on top over high heat for just a dozen seconds on each side. This not only crisps up the outside of the tortilla, but seals together a shape that will under no circumstances unravel. Serve these with a tomatillo (green) salsa, or if you dare, more hot sauce.


*For the love of all things holy & flavorful, please do not use Frank’s Red Hot. There is a time & place for that putrid mild ketchup water… this ain’t it. Go for Tapatio, Cholula, or if you’re in a pinch, Tabasco. No Frank’s, got it?!