gobbledygook /ˈgä-bəl-dē-ˌgu̇k/ : language that sounds pretty important and official but is really just nonsense

cookbook /ˈku̇k-ˌbu̇k/ : a book of cooking directions and recipes

Howdy! My name is Sean Tulgetske, I am a Michigan-based illustrator and over the last year discovered that I really like to cook. First of all let me start of by saying that this here is not your average food blog. Here, I’m tipping my cap to the delightfully nostalgic cookbooks of the 1950’s. The Gobbledygook Cookbook is a whimsical collection of illustrated recipes where I articulate my haphazard cooking process. I should probably let you know that I have zero culinary training or experience whatsoever and recently chopped off the tip of my pinky while dicing sweet potatoes. I hope you all have as much fun following along as I’ve had making it!


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